Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching

Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching for everyone to improve their overall well-being, manage stress and fine-tune their eating habits.

Together, we’ll partner to explore and develop your health and nutritional goals with the objective of improving your overall well-being. We’ll work closely to find gradual, sustainable, and effective ways for you to reach these goals. Perfection is not the destination, and we’ll focus on the journey by putting small, obtainable action steps together that will guide you to your big-picture goals.

As partners, we’ll develop a vision for your big-picture health and lifestyle goals. Over a 6-month, two-session per month program, we’ll implement strategies tailored to YOU so you can reach these goals. Together, we will tackle any wellness concerns in the process, and develop effective ways for you to manage these goals and newly adopted habits with a long-term, birds’ eye view approach to your health.

What do Health Coaches Do?

Health coaches work with individuals and groups in a client-centered process to facilitate and empower the client to develop and achieve self-determined goals related to health and wellness.

Program Principles:

The 6-month Program is designed to help you form healthy, long-lasting habits that will benefit you well beyond this program. Meeting twice per month for 50-minutes, virtually or in person, we will develop small action steps that you can implement in your life. I’ll hold you accountable and I’ll help you maintain these habits moving forward so that deep and lasting transformation is possible.

Health and Well-being are Multi-Dimensional:
Together we will work to find balance in physical, sleep, social, spiritual, occupational, emotional and intellectual aspects of your life. IN our one-on-one sessions, we’ll dive into what’s working for you – and abandon practices that don’t serve you. You’ll be able to implement strategies to bring balance to every part of your life and address the root causes of your wellness concerns.

Bio-Individual Eating:
As a team, we’ll explore how diet is impacting your physical and emotional well-being. We’ll look at specific food choices, identify foods that are less optimal for your overall well-being, short and long-term goals and crowd those foods out with more nourishing options. Strategies to lower inflammation, increase your energy levels and bring spice to your daily life will gradually become the staples of your dietary choices. In this program, we recognize that food choices are bio-individual and what works for one person may not work for another. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and the 6-month program is specifically designed to explore your individual needs.

Stress Management/Sleep/Meditation:
Through stress management, restorative sleep, meditation, mindful breathing techniques, remedial life balance strategies, and healing through mindful and nutritious eating, we will work together to find out what helps you connect with your breath and being with the purpose of reducing stress and bringing your body into a relaxation-state where your systems function optimally. Through better sleep practices, meditation and stress management you’ll gradually learn to stay in this relaxation-state even when the world around you appears full of pressure and stresses.

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