Endurance Coaching

Endurance Coaching for the dedicated athlete of any level and background.

Whether you are a short distance road runner or mountain-ultra-trail runner, are just discovering a love for endurance sports like Ski-Mountaineering or Skimo, or want to develop and improve your aerobic capacity so you can bring confidence to your adventures – whether it’s a big mountain objective or a local 10k – Microcosm Coaching has a bio-individual plan that will hone your specific strengths and develop your athletic capacity overall.

Life is a journey. Mountain athletics are just one component of that. We will coach you through events, races, and adventures, but the focus isn’t on winning that race or bagging that peak, then moving on to the next objective. The lily pad approach, jumping between events, or goals, one after another in an endless chase of results leads to burnout and a lack of fulfillment. This program is based on preventing that by encouraging each individual to embrace the process and daily practices that bring them joy.

Bio-Individual Coaching Programs for:

-Beginning runners
-Short and Marathon Distance Road Runners
-Trail Runners of all abilities
-Mountain-Ultra-Trail-Runners of all abilities
-Ski-mo Racers of all abilities

Program Principles:

Daily Check-ins: Physical activity is an incredible tool for reflection and self-care. This program is designed to help you learn more about yourself, and how you’re doing day-to-day. We’ll use daily check-ins and a shared log, between coach and athlete. These check-ins are designed to prompt introspection in your training and to create a journal-like space where you can observe yourself, your overall health and well-being, and articulate those thoughts each day in a safe space between coach and athlete. This type of reflection over time will help you tune into the signals your body is giving you throughout your training and help you learn how to respond to – and respect – them. At your core, you’re an intuitive being. Daily check-ins are an integral part of learning how to listen to your body and learning to trust that intuition. That self-knowledge will help us fine-tune your workouts in the future, prevent overloading your system with unnecessary stress and give us the data that will tell us when to step training up to maximize your potential.

The Training:
Our coaching style is rooted in the proven workouts we’ve picked up from studying the best training methodology available and through working with some of the best endurance coaches in the world. Each training block is individualized and based on your athletic training and injury history, current time commitments, schedule, and recent training activity. Training for a 100 miler? No problem. Big ski mountaineering objective? Check. Working a 9-5, and then some? We’ve got a plan for that.

Training in this program is meant to provide an outlet for tuning into your finer body feedback mechanisms, provide a space for self-care, and build self-awareness. These programs are meant to provide relief from daily emotional and mental stresses, not add more. So, together we will work to build a training schedule that fits your needs and individual life-stresses to bring out the elite athlete in everyone.

We’ll use an initial eight to ten-week period to build your critical aerobic systems and metabolic processes that make up your endurance base and always have an 80% easy, 20% moderate/hard guideline. Then, we will turn to more specific workouts before diving deep into the specifics of your goal or event. It won’t always be glamorous, but it will get you in the habit of listening to your body and understanding training as not just a physical activity – but as an outlet for self-care and compassion.

When it’s time to tackle mountains and chase down your bigger goals, you’ll have a solid foundation where we can build training and hone-in on workouts that will help give you the competitive edge, confidence, and self-awareness to tackle your goals without self-limitation.

Injury Prevention & Foundational Workouts:
Injury prevention is key. We will gradually build your body’s ability to handle the physical stresses of your discipline through short intervals, strides and hill repeats. Short, fun strides make things feel easy in the long run, building fast-twitch (FT) muscle fibers and top-end speed while your body adjusts to new types of musculoskeletal stress. Hill repeats build power, develop your aerobic system, FT muscle fibers and lead to faster, easier running later while minimizing impact forces to prevent injury. We’re not stacking big workouts because we want to minimize recovery and maintain consistency. We’ll avoid peaks and valleys in training and include fun cross-training activities like biking or skiing.

Consistency & Life:
Consistency drives the process. Many athletes can struggle to engage with a daily process – but we’ll develop a plan that folds neatly into your busy life. We’ll avoid scheduling two days off in a row. Wednesday is our workout day (#HUMPDAY), and Saturday is our long effort day. But, life is busy. We know your schedule is always changing. And we’ll find a way to make this work for you. Changes can be made on the fly, based on your feedback and needs. But, – with consistency at the forefront.

The process of training, using daily check-ins to help manage stress and balance your training schedule will enhance your ability to track physical and emotional/mental feedback, support communication and transparency between coach and client, and will help us better understand and bring awareness to the choices you make every day. Training will help us build a data set that we’ll use to fine-tune your training and overall well-being. This requires consistency, commitment to the process of work.

We ask ALL of our athletes to commit to a minimum of one year of training with us because our philosophy emphasizes growth over time, and embracing the everyday process of becoming a better runner and human. We don’t train people for races, we train people for running or their desired discipline. Races, challenges, and competition are just a celebration of that process.

All of our endurance programs require a minimum of a 1-year commitment. Like a fine wine, a strong endurance athlete takes time!

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