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Mission Statement


I come to the mountains to live. My mission is to pursue my passion for adventure, creativity, and love for the outdoors through Ski-Mountaineering and Mountain Running. For me, the ultimate expression of both takes form through #humanpowered endurance events and adventures. I strive to promote passion and expression as form an outlet for overall well-being and to provide the space for others to find and activate their most passionate expressions through my coaching program, Microcosm Coaching.


About Me


TJ is a passionate and creative athlete with experience on both sides of the lens. Whether it be skiing in one of Warren Miller’s latest films or producing his webisode series “Storm Cycles,” his passion for skiing drives his unique approach and outlook to the sport. TJ has had several top 15 finishes on both the Freeskiing World Tour and most recently the Freeride World Tour Qualifier series. He has appeared in every major publication, including Powder Magazine, Freeskier Magazine, Ski Magazine, Backcountry Magazine, Mountain Magazine and has been seen in several luxury and local magazines such as Snow, Aspen, and Aspen Sojourner. TJ has also appeared in publications by Aspen Ski Company, ESPN.com, La Parva, Teton Gravity Research, Warren Miller, Freeskier, Skinet.com, and Skiing Magazine Online. Apart from his appearances in magazines and online, TJ has been featured in motion and still advertising campaigns nationally and internationally. Most recently, he has graced billboards in the Denver metropolitan area, been seen in commercials during Sunday Football games on NBC and during World Cup ski events, and competed in international film competitions like #REDirect2016.

Ski Mountaineering


TJ’s winters are not limited to spending time with photographers, directing and producing film projects and representing Aspen/Snowmass at home and throughout his travels. His experiences extend far past the boundaries of his home mountain, Aspen, to encompass the purest facet of the sport; climbing and skiing. TJ has climbed and skied throughout the mountains of Colorado, North and South America and he regards these experiences as paramount in his time on skis.


What’s up for winter 2018/2019? 

Name: TJ David
Born: 11/09/1986
Location: Aspen, CO
Years Skiing: 25+
Specialty: Big Mountain, Mountain running and endurance coaching
Home Mountain: Aspen Mountain, CO
Favorite Place to Ski: Patagonia, Argentina
Activities: Adventure Photography, Ultra Running, endurance sports


Skis: KaSTLE bMX115 185cm, BMX105 181CM, tx90 176cm
Bindings: Dynafit 2.0 TLT FT, Superlite, race tech 2.0 auotlock
Outerwear: Dynafit head-to-toe
Gloves: leki
Boots: dynafit hoji boot limited
Helmet: petzl
Goggles: Julbo Aerospace
Backcountry Safety: BCA Tracker 3
Skins: pomoca race 2.0
Cameras: Canon 7D & GoPro Session

What’s up for Summer 2015?Whats up for summer 2015?

This winter, I plan to use the strong endurance base I built racing ultra trail events this summer to confidently ski bigger mountains that require longer approaches and offer the possibility of multiple-peak-line-link-ups. Follow #humanpowered #microcosmcoaching tags this season! Always, #liveforthemoment

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