Adventure Journal

Skeena Heli

Skeena Heliskiing

w/ Kästle Skis

Our chariot. 

2017 started off as a year of firsts with an incredible trip this past January just north of Smithers, BC to Skeena Heliskiing. It’s been a dream of mine for decades to go heliskiing, and I have to say, I get it now. I understand the hype. 

Day one -20 f at Skeena Cat Skiing.

Griffin Post in that northern light.

Over the past few year’s I’d all but given up on the idea that I’d ever be able to afford a trip go heliskiing, let alone get offered a chance to go filming at one. Although the dream always remained, locked away, replaced by the human-powered missions that have allowed me to more economically access the same kind of terrain heliskiing operations access, there was always the chance, the hope, I’d one day go. Well, that dream came true.

Bear Claw Lodge, home for the week.

Scoping lines and fulfilling the dream.

My first few days in BC were spent with Skeena Cat Skiing, about 65km from Bear Claw Lodge and the Heliski operation. Griffin Post and I battled the cold weather, – 20 f at times, and enjoyed the incredible hues of the northern Candian light while skiing light boot top powder. As we continued to stack up shots, and the weather began to warm just a bit. With a potential window to utilize the helis opening up, we headed to Bear Claw Lodge.

Loading up w/ Griffin Post

Northern British Columbia is incredible!

Inside the lodge. Time for lunch!

Jake is the man, so stoked!

Griffin Post in the milk jug.

Sometimes it’s easier to convey an incredible experience visually, instead of through words. So here’s the full edit from our amazing trip. Big thanks to Kästle Skis, Skeena Heliskiing, and the entire crew for the incredible experience.