Adventure Journal

“Storm Cycles” Ep4 Glacier Country

“Excitement. The resurrection of winter in whats become the most likely place to find it, West Montana. Narnia. That place where magic snow exists and the northern landscape is dominated by snow ghosts but obscured by the blurry vapor of ever perpetuating storm clouds. We’ve returned to that powder utopia. Not just in search of snow, but a spot above the storm so that we can truly experience the beauty of Glacier Country.”


After an awesome trip to Whitefish, MT and Great Northern Powder Guides back in January, Brody Leven and I hooked up with Glacier Country Tourism to head back to Western Montana for a week long road trip. We flew into Kalispell, MT just south of Whitefish. Rented a steller front-wheel drive mini van and hit the road. Route 93 through the heart of Glacier Country. Our trip included stops at Whitefish Mountain Resort, an epic touring day in Glacier National Park on Elk Mountain, a fun day at the mom and pop Blacktail Ski Area, touring at Snowbowl with locals Landon Garner and Donovan Powers, park skiing at Lost Trail and powder skiing in Missoula backcountry at Lolo Pass. Great trip!


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