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Skis, Pisco & The Eye of the Condor

It’s been almost a week since I left Chile and I’ve only just started to unpack. As I sit here, still unwinding from the intensity of the Eye of the Condor, photo & film competition, hosted by La Parva, I can’t help but think I’m holding on to a pipe dream. Maybe I can go back again before the end of their winter? No, I should probably just let it go. As I start to unpack I notice my cloths stink of cigarettes. This may be the only piece of Chilean culture I’ve inadvertently taken back with me. My pant pocket holds a handful of Chilean Peso’s and a folded up “Kamikaze” ticket. A free piscola that got away, but only by accident.


A short photo essay …


Day 1: Santiago, Chile

After 24 hours of travel I arrived in Santiago, Chile. I was fortunate enough to get almost a full day to hangout and explore the city with new friends Rebecca Selig and Katy-Robin Garton. Fish markets, interesting architecture, river walks and amazing evening lights! One day wasn’t enough time to explore such an awesome city.

Day 2: We’ve arrived, La Parva, Chile for the Eye of the Condor II Film & Photo Competition.

The Eye of the Condor film & photo comp sets the precedent. All competitions should be held to this standard.

Day 3 – 8: We’re fully embedded — Sunset shoots, descents by moonlight, epic meal time and too much PISCO.

Day 4: Epic Sunset Shoot — Canadian Style — Photo by Jordan Ingmire

Day 5: Moonlight Ski Descent — Light Trails — Photo by Jordan Ingmire

Day 6: One of the awesome parts about being in La Parva was the epic sunsets we had almost every single night. On this early evening we had a particularly spectacular sunset…I took advantage and produced some awesome timelapses.

Story telling, sharing wine, an abundance of laughter and smiles under the stars and above the Santiago lights.

Day 8: Rest.


Day 9: Flash Legs, Champagne, & La Chimenea — Photos by Jordan Ingmire

Story: Shooting La Chimenea on Skiing Magazine Online HERE

Day 10: Last day of shooting…Canadian slash turns, demo team triples & AFROS — Photos by Jordan Ingmire

Day 11: Pt 1: All good things must come to an end. After an intense week, films and photo portfolio submissions are due, bags are packed and the last of our Pisco is consumed by smiling athletes, photogs and cinematographers. However, the celebration has only just begun. None of us really had any idea what the Eye of the Condor crew had in store for us in Santiago.

Pt 2: Just when we thought we could rest…our transfer arrives and we’re off to Santiago, our rooms at the Hyatt, the IF3 Santiago showing of our films/photo portfolios, an amazing dinner and an epic dance party until 530am where pisco flows like the salmon of capistrano. Exhaustion.

Day 12: Taking advantage of late flights — we set off into the heart of Santiago’s downtown!

What an amazing trip! Big thank you to John Roope and Widsix for sending us to the Eye of the Condor II Film & Photo Competition — La Parva and the Eye of the Condor crew for being so awesome, providing us with the BEST meals, parties and events all week long, for literally taking care of everything for us, you guys rule! Thanks to Derek Smith and Jordan Ingmire for their awesome shots, creative story lines, and fitting in so well with our team!

Until next year!

Widsix Team Edit

Sony Eye of the Condor 2 Team WIDSIX from Eye of the Condor on Vimeo.