Adventure Journal

Revelstoke Road Trip

Following the FWT Qualifier at Moonlight Basin, I packed up my truck and headed north for Revelstoke, British Columbia. After an awesome trip to the area in January I was stoked to be back. When I arrived I met up with local Jared Akerstrom and photographer Mickey Ross. We headed outside the resort to some awesome north facing alpine zones and shot for the Revelstoke Photographer Showdown. Jared sent it huge that day, we all got some great shots and skied some fun lines! This was easily one of my best days on snow for the 2011-2012 winter. Stoked that we won the photo comp, especially considering the conditions weren’t that conducive to shooting! It felt so great to finally get out and ski some big mountain lines. Check out Mickey’s slide show below, it’s really well done!



We had mostly spring conditions for the first few days of our trip, but in typical Revelstoke fashion the clouds started forming above the mountains, socking in the town and surrounding peaks. Shortly after it started raining in town and snowing on the hill. The conditions at Revelstoke drastically changed over the next several days, filling in all the hard snow with bottomless powder! I was really happy to get to ski with a close friend, Blake Clarkson, on the first powder day of the trip! Miss ya buddy! After Blake left, I got some great days in with Jared as well as two close friends from college, Lincoln, Ryan and Dan. So many great days/memories!


Revelstoke is truly a dynamic place. The variety of terrain, access to endless backcountry lines and storm cycles that don’t quit make for a great experience. Can’t wait to go back next year.


Some trip highlights: Royal Antler Ranch (easily one of the coolest places I’ve ever been), puddling with 30 year old snowmobiles, Revelstoke Badminton Club, Near moose/snowmobile collisions (yikes!), Lawn darts, Rallying the rec center water slide, hanging out with my best friends in an amazing place, POWDER!