TJ David has been involved in a number of projects as both an Athlete, Filmmaker, Photographer, Guide, and Writer. Please contact TJ through email: for any related inquiries or questions. Thank you.



Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York

B.A. Government 2009

Cum Laude, Dean’s List, and Periclean Society

GPA 3.4 Cumulative

Skidmore College Five-Time Thoroughbred Society: Semester with above 3.67 GPA while being a member of an athletic team (Fall 2006, 2008 and Spring 2007, 2008, 2009)
Recipient of the Skidmore College Men’s Tennis Most Valuable Player Award, 
Captain 2007-2009




2nd – 2016 REDirect (Red + Outside Magazine) Film Competition (Athlete) // Director & Cinematographer Jesse Hoffman

12th2013 SFS Crested Butte Extreme Championships // Sickbird Nomination

1st Place –  2012 – Revelstoke Photographer Showdown (Athlete) w/ photographer Mickey Ross, “Revelstuck”  March 2012

Eye of the Condor 2 — Film and Photo Competition, Team Widsix, La Parva, Chile, July 2012





Athlete Exposure



Mountain Magazine: Full Page, Resort Guide 2017, December 2016 // P: Matt Power, Distribution 250,000

Ski Magazine: Full Page, Resort Guide 2017, September 2016 // P: Scott Markewitz, Distribution 400,000

Ski Magazine: Full Page, Resort Guide 2017, September 2016 // P: Liam Doran, Distribution 400,000

Aka Skidor: Four Published Photos, February 2016 // P: Liam Doran, Distribution 550,000

Ski Magazine: Full Page Editorial: November 2015 // P: Matt Power, Distribution: 400,000

Aspen Sojourner: Cover Shot: Winter Edition 2014 // P: Jeremy Swanson, Distribution: 25,000

Aspen Magazine: Inside Cover + 4 Photos: November 2014 // P: Zach D. Luchs, Distribution: 25,000

Mountain Magazine: Full Page Spread, October 2014 // p: Matt Power, Distribution: 250,000

Mountain Collective: Two-Page Spread, October 2014 // p: Tom Zuccareno, Distribution: 10,000

Mountain Collective: Full Page Spread, October 2014  // p: Tom Zuccareno, Distribution: 10,000

Mountain Collective: Full Page Spread, October 2014 // p: Matt Power, Distribution: 10,000

Snow: Two-Page Spread, December 2014 // p: Matt Power, Distribution: 40,000

Powder Magazine: Two-Page Spread, November 2014 // p: Matt Power, Distribution: 75,000

Aspen Magazine: Two-Page Spread, December 2013 // p: Jeremy Swanson: 25,000

Freeskier Magazine: Full Page Ad: December 2014  // p: Matt Power, Distribution: 70,000

Freeskier Magazine: Full Page Editorial: December 2014 // p: Matt Power, Distribution: 70,000

Backcountry Magazine: Full Page Spread, Spring, 2011 // p: Will Wissman Distribution 31,000





TJ David Aspen Sojourner Cover


TJ David Aspen Magazine



Athlete Exposure




Resource Travel Magazine: “27 Photos That will Inspire you to Travel to Aspen, Colorado Right Now!” November 15, 2016 // (7) Photos, Liam Doran

Freeskier Magazine: “The People’s Aspen,” 2017 Resort Guide, November 7, 2016 // (3) Photos,  Matt Power

Freeskier Magazine: “The People’s Aspen.” 2017 Resort Guide, November 7, 2016 // (2) Photo, Tom Zuccareno



Flylow Blog: “Postcard from Argentina,” Gallery/Words/POV, September 27, 2016 // P: Jeff Cricco, 3,766 engagements

Elevation Outdoors: “The Last Skiers of Potosi?” Gallery/POV (T.DAVID) & Write-up (J.Jay), April 27, 2016

Powder Magazine: “Storm Dispatch” Gallery (5 photos), March 24th, 2016 // P: Tom Zuccareno

Aspen/Snowmass Website Background, March 20th through April 08, 2016 // P: Tom Zuccareno

Outside Magazine: “How to Shoot a Magazine-Quality Photo” Gallery/Article (2 Photos), February 25th, 2016 // p: Liam Doran, 367 shares

Corbeaux Clothing Catchup with Emissary TJ David: March 1, 2016

Aspen/Snowmass Website Background, January 29th through March, 20th 2016



Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.38.29 PM


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 4.46.42 PM


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.15.48 PM




Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 7.02.14 AM


Freeskier Magazine: Gallery:: “We just put 350+ of next year’s skis to the test; here’s the scoop” (Gallery Photos #Freeskierfest 2015) Published:: March 11, 2015

Powder Magazine: Photo of the Day (Location: Aspen, Highlands / Photog: Liam Doran) Published:: March 27, 2015

Instagram: “Oh baby, you know how I like it. TJ David scores at Aspen Highlands, photo by @liamjski. (5,269 likes / 21 comments)

Facebook: “Overhead conditions at Aspen? Yes, please. Skier: TJ David. Photographer: Liam Doran (1,285 likes / 53 shares / 14 comments)

Powder Magazine: Photo of the Day (Location: Aspen, Highlands / Photog: Liam Doran) Published:: April 04, 2015

Instagram: “John Denver was right after all. @tj_skis concurs in the Rocky Mountains of @aspensnowmass, shot by @liamjski. #powdertothepeople (5,504 likes / 20 comments)

Facebook: “One turn wonder, by TJ David at Aspen Highlands. Photo by Liam Doran (1,305 likes / 35 shares / 14 comments)


TJ David by Matt Power


TJ David Powder Magazine Liam Doran


TJ David Powder Magazine Liam Doran

2013/2014: “Aspen: A Treasure with Epic Powder” 37 Photo Gallery: February 17, 2014–a-treasured-town-with-epic-powder









Skiing Magazine: Published Gallery (4 photos) “Choose Your Own Montana Ski Adventure” August 19th, 2013

Skiing Magazine Published Gallery (7 photos) “ Skiing Montana’s Highway 93” August 12, 2013

Freeride World Qualifier Website: (Background Photo) March 29, 2013

Skiing Magazine: Published Shots: Traveled w/ Skiing Magazine Glacier Country Montana Tour March 2013 Published Shot “Skiing in Narnia Article” February 25, 2013

Appearing as Guest in Whitefish Mountain Resorts “Video of the Day” January 14, 2013

Aspen Daily News: Published Shot “Pumping up the Stoke” pg. 3, September 28, 2012

Eye of the Condor II Film & Photo Comp – Team Widsix, Athlete & Assistant Cinematographer (La Parva, Chile) July/August 2012 Published Shot “Eye of the Condor,” August 03, 2012 Published Shot  “#EOTC2 Round Up” (1 of 4), August  07, 2012 Published Article “#EOTC2 Round Up” (2 of 4), August  08, 2012 Published Shot “#EOTC2 Round Up” (4 of 4), August 10, 2012 Published Shot “Dump of the Week” December 12, 2012 Published Shot “Dump of the Week” December 22, 2012 Published Shot “A Storm Cycle in Little Cottonwood Canyon,” December 27, 2012

Appearing Aspen/Snowmass website background December 27, 2012



Aspen/Snowmass National Ad Campaign


Mind Body Spirit


Strong Athlete presence and role in Aspen Snowmass’ strongest, best overall ad campaign to date. The ad campaign not only uses incredible, thought provoking imagery and cinematography but has captured what is truly unique about Aspen, and our community. This campaign has been recognized to have had exceptional performance across multiple venues including record breaking views and impressions.

TJ David Aspen Snowmass Ad Campaign

Billboard in Denver Metropolitan “Broadway North/20th St. p: Matt Power, October 22 – November 9, 2014: Impressions: 732,000

Billboard in Denver “I-70 E & C-470” p: Matt Power,  Octover 22 – Novebember 9, 2014: Impressions: 570,000

Warren Miller Snowold Ad // Issue: Spring, 2011 // Full Page Spread p: Jeremy Swanson, Distribution: 250,000

Denver Post Ad // September 2014 p: Jeremy Swanson, Distribution: 1.3 million


Aspen/Snowmass Advertising



Group Travel Planner: Distribution: 50,000

International Travel Planner (5 Languages): 50,000

Vacation Planner: Photo: Distribution: 85,000

Vacation Planner: Photo: Distribution: 85,000

Digital Advertisements:

Perfect Storm Display Ads:

Run dates: 11/1/15 – 2/23/15
Impressions: 7,443,717

Spring Escape Ads:
Run Dates: 2/24/16 – 3/31/16
Impressions: 526,539





Active Athlete role in another highly successful ad campaign, including exception personal-growth of impressions and social media presence.


Vacation Planner: Photo:: Distribution: 85,000

Season Pass Mailer: Photo:: Distribution: 20,000

Season Pass Rack Card: Photo:: Distribution: 7,000

Loyalty Mailer: Photo:: Distribution: 4,000

Digital Advertisements: Newsletters: Photo:: Impressions: 1.5 Million

Paid Social for Perfect Storm Promotion/Advertisement

Paid Social for Spring Escape Promotion/Advertisement Wallpaper: Photo:: Impressions: 1.8 Million

Perfect Storm Promotion Banners: Photo:: Impressions: 8 Million

TJ David Aspen Ski Advertising



Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 8.50.02 AM

TJ David Ski Digital Advertisement



Vacation Planner: Photo:: Distribution: 85,000

Advance Purchase Rack Card: Photo:: Distribution: 5,000

Advance Purchase Mailer: Photo:: Distribution: 65,000

Coupon Book: Photo:: Distribution: 10,000

Classic Pass Mailer: Photo:: Distribution: 8,500

Season Pass Rack Card: Photo:: Distribution: 7,000

Season Pass Mailer: Photo:: Distribution: 20,000

Advance Purchase Welcome Brochure: Photo:: Distribution: 10,000

Aspen Trail Map: Photo:: Distribution: 200,000

Digital Advertisements:

Classic Pass Display Banners: Photo:: Impressions: 1 Million

Endemic Ski Banners: Photo:: Impressions: 8 Million

New Snow Display Banners: Photo:: Impressions: 8 Million

Perfect Storm Display Banners: Photo:: Impressions: 8 Million

TJ David Ski Aspen Advertising


TJ David Aspen Snowmass Marketing Material


TJ David Aspen Snowmass Highlands Ad Campaign




Classic Pass Mailer: Photo:: Distribution: 8,500

Loyalty Mailer: Photo:: Distribution: 4,000

TJ David Ski Aspen Snowmass




Appearances in Jesse Hoffman’s “The Process” in REDirect Film Competition 2016 – 2nd place

Appearances in Warren Miller’s “Ticket to Ride” 2012/13

Appearances in Warren Miller’s “…Like there’s no Tomorrow” 2010/11





Mind Body Spirit // Fall, 2014

Microsite Homepage Photograph: Visits: 43,671

TJ David Mind Body Spirit

Mind Body Spirit – Trailer (280,941 views and 367,794 impressions)

Mind Body Spirit – The Trailer from Aspen Snowmass on Vimeo.

Mind Body Spirit – Episode One (159,615 views and 406,453 impressions)

Mind Body Spirit – EP1 : Stir The Soul from Aspen Snowmass on Vimeo.

Mind Body Spirit Episode Three (40,329 views and 638,385 impressions) 

Mind Body Spirit – EP3 : Renew The Spirit from Aspen Snowmass on Vimeo.


Ski Mountaineering

Ski descents ranging from the tropical glaciers of Ecuador to the dry powder of Utah and the rugged mountains of Colorado.

Chamonix, France (spring 2017)

Select descents:

  • Aiguille d’Argentière, East Face, from the summit, Barbey Variation (ski:5.3/E3)
  • Col du Diable (ski:5.2/E3)
  • Les Courtes, Northeast Face (ski:5.2/E2)
  • Col du Tacul, Capucin (ski:5.1/E2)
  • South America
  • Volcán Cotopaxi, Ecuador (19,347ft) (2015)
  • Central Patagonia, Argentina
  • Cerro Perito Moreno, Argentina
  • Zonas cerca Las Leñas, Argentina
    • Cerro Martín 3600m via (1) La Banana, (2) La Banana Variation, (3) Casco Face, (4) Casco Face Variation
    • Entre Rios 3800m
    • Cerro Torrecillas 3800m
    • La Adrenelina 4000m
  • Couloirs, Esquel, Argentina
  • Zonas de Cerro Catedral, Argentina
  • All principal lines between Refugio Frey, Torre Principal del Cerro Catedral, y Cerro Catedral

Over 25 Classic Colorado Ski Mountaineering Descents with more than 20 in 2016 alone:

  • North Maroon Peak (14,014ft) 
    • North Face x2 via North Face & Via West Route (2017)
  • Wilson Peak (14,017ft)
    • Coors Face (2017)
  • Potosi Peak (13,786ft)
    • North Couloir Ascent/Descent (2016)
  • Conundrum Peak (14,065ft)
    • Conundrum Couloir Ascent/Descent (2016)
  • Mt. Sneffels (14,157ft)
    • Snake Couloir Descent (2016)
    • Birthday Chutes (S/SE Face) Descent (2016)
  • Castle Peak (14,265ft) x2
    • North Face (2017,2016)
  • Cathedral Peak (13,944ft)
    • East Face Ascent/Descent (2017,2016)
    • via Pearl Couloir x4 Ascent/Descent (2017,2016,2015×2)
    • BS Couloir x2 Ascent/Descent
  • Ice Mountain (13,957ft)
    • via Refrigerator Couloir Ascent/Descent (2014)
  • North Apostle (13,860ft)
    • via West Face Ascent/Descent (2014)
  • Vermillion (13,894ft)
    • via Vermillion Dollar Couloir Ascent/Descent (2014)
  • Taylor Peak (13,435ft)
    • West Face Descent (2015)
  • Star Peak (13,541ft)
    • via North Face Ascent/Descent x 2 (2016, 2015)
  • Star Basin (13,000ft)
    • Dr. Evil Couloir
    • Unnamed North Facing Couloir x 2 (2016, 2015)
    • Rib Cage
  • Malamute Peak (13,348ft)
    • via East Facing Spires Ascent/Descent (2015)
  • Arkansas Peak (13,795ft)
    • via Northeast Couloir Ascent/Descent (2015)
  • North Hayden Peak (13,316ft)
    • NW Couloir x4 Descent
    • Ski Hayden (North East Face) x4 Descent
    • North Facing Couloir x2 Descent
  • South Hayden (13,540ft)
    • North/ North East Face x4 Descent
  • South Hayden Basin (13,540ft)
    • Multiple Unnamed Couloirs
  • Hayden Peak (13,561ft)
    • North Face Descent x2
  • Descents in the Sawatch Range, Elks, San Juan Mountains, Ten Mile Range
  • Descents in Wasatch Range, Utah 2009-2011
  • Mount Superior, South and North Faces (11,040ft)
  • Monte Cristo (11,132ft)
  • Toledo Peak (10,350ft)
  • Wolverine Cirque Couloirs (10,795)
  • Y-Couloir (3,400ft of vertical skiing!)
  • Mount Tuscarora (10,600ft)
  • Kessler Peak (10,403ft)



Storm Cycles:

(Director, Producer, Athlete)

Season 2: Freeskier Magazine/Outside TV

Amtrak Blog: Published:: January 07, 215

TJ regularity contributes to Freeskier Magazine, Ski Magazine as well as writes for his blog, sponsors and other media outlets.



Client List:
    Teton Gravity Research
    Aspen Sojourner
    Freeskier Magazine
    Backcountry Magazine
    Kästle Skis
    Flylow Gear