Microcosm Coaching

Your values, truths and perspectives accumulated throughout your life form who you are. That person – YOU – reveals itself through your passionate expressions. Expressing yourself – in whatever way speaks to you – is a critical step in self-discovery. Your expressions help to satisfy your individual needs, provide your life with deeper meaning, and speak to your individuality. These points of expression birth microcosmic experiences that here at Microcosm Coaching we believe hold the keys for future and greater life application. These programs are about accessing and enhancing your expressions, whether they’re athletic, academic, career-oriented, health-centered or otherwise. Our coaching programs hold space for you.

TJ David is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Professional Mountain Athlete focusing on the areas of restorative sleep, stress management, remedial life balance strategies, meditation instruction and healing through mindful and nutritious eating.

TJ will tailor his program to fit your individual needs and provide holistic health coaching strategies for the busy lives of competitive athletes and individuals from all backgrounds. TJ will work with you to create ambitious but achievable health goals. As a team, you’ll work towards those goals while exploring your passion for running, skiing, mountaineering – or whatever it is that makes you, you!


Principles of the Program:

Bio-individuality is central to what we do at Microcosm Coaching. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We are all unique. We’ll work together to discover what works best for you, whether you are an athlete or looking to make broader lifestyle changes like sleeping better, finding energy or developing a mindfulness practice and bring balance to your life.

Daily Check-ins create accountability for the daily process of working toward your goals. Our relationship hinges on consistency transparency between coach and client. We’ll work together to build and reinforce healthy, gradual changes and work to make them habits over time.

Physical and Spiritual activities can help bring vitality and energy to your life. Together, we’ll develop appropriate and enjoyable physical and spiritual practices in the form of yoga, breath work, meditation and visualization along with low impact activities like walking, swimming, and cycling.

We’ll develop specific, individualized strategies for you to implement to bring these goals to life. Your physical, sleep, social, spiritual, occupational, emotional, and intellectual aspects of your life can be balanced to provide the foundation for a healthy, happy, and mindful life. Whether you are an elite athlete or just looking for ways to dial in your nutrition and sleep regimen, we’ll work together to balance these overarching and important aspects of your life to nourish yourself both physically – and spiritually.