#Chamonized A trip two years in the making. Two years ago in a small van in Patagonia, Jared Åkerström elated me through stories of a mythical place where snow clung to blue ice, couloirs were backdropped by the glaciers of Mont Blanc and seracs overhung slopes so steep only the legends of our sport had … [Read More]

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Skeena Heli


Skeena Heliskiing w/ Kästle Skis 2017 started off as a year of firsts with an incredible trip this past January just north of Smithers, BC to Skeena Heliskiing. It’s been a dream of mine for decades to go heliskiing, and I have to say, I get it now. I understand the hype.  Over the past … [Read More]

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Colorado Road Trip


A Colorado Road Trip Aspen – Vail – Breck – Wolf Creek – Coal Bank Pass – Molas Pass – Red Mountain Pass – Breck – Aspen w/ Andrew Benaquista, John Bukac, Jeff Cricco, Liam Doran & Sven Brunso To say we had a late start in Aspen this year would be an understatement. November, traditionally … [Read More]

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Celebrando la Tiza


Celebrando la Tiza (Embracing the Chalk) Steep Skiing in Las Leñas Come the end of a two-month stint in Argentina, there is nothing better than heading to the Northern Andes for the country’s celebrated steep chalk skiing. If the Patagonian rains, winds, and variable weather haven’t beaten you down, forcing an early retirement to the milder … [Read More]

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A Lesson from Patagonia


A Lesson from Patagonia An on-going experience in Patience It’s 7:45 am and I’m standing on a deserted street corner. A light rain falls through the misty air as I peer into the headlights of the on-coming traffic. I motion toward the cars with my thumb as their shadows pass me. The puddles are growing … [Read More]

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