The Silverton Link-Up


The Silverton Link-Up Skiing in Jon Jay’s Backyard (Literally) High in the hills above an old silver mining camp turned mountain town in Southern Colorado, a labyrinth of mining roads cut through the towering landscape. The old roads work their way up the narrow valleys, dissecting the steep mountain faces with the incredible precision of a surgeon’s … [Read More]

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Double Dose of Sneffels


Double Dose of Sneffels and Potosi Peak in between w/ Adam Moszynski, Jon Jay and Bill Porreca  To say I’ve had a string of luck in Yankee Boy Basin this month would be an understatement. Three successful missions to the area in two and a half weeks and I’m thinking a fourth is in order. But … [Read More]

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March Recap


March Recap A little bit of everything… March is one of those months…warm temps, sunny skies, the coming of spring and the occasional 2-foot powder dump. That’s why we all love March in Aspen, Colorado. You never quite know what you’re going to get, and we like that, the mixed bag, because we’re ready for … [Read More]

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Conundrum Peak


A good long approach. Conundrum Peak w/Packy Westfeldt The beauty of being in relatively good shape is that if want to ski something that is exceptionally far away and you don’t own a snowmobile, or really ever plan on owning one, you can still give it a go. The biggest obstacle can easily be your … [Read More]

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February into the Alpine


No Powder, No Care.  February into the Alpine As the powder starved took to stalking instagram users and obsessively following those fortunate enough to be enjoying bottomless powder in parts of the world other than Aspen this February, the rest of us mortals sat at home wondering what the hell happened to winter. For many skiers, a dry … [Read More]

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